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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I like Thanksgiving, I really do, and not because I’m some sort of glutton (for punishment or food) but because it think it is really cool that we in this country have decided that it is important to set aside a special day to remind everyone to be thankful. 

It’s not a religious holiday, it’s not an ethnic celebration, it’s not even something particularly patriotic, it’s a reminder to say thanks.  It doesn’t matter what you are thankful for, who you are thankful to or even if you care to participate or not.  It is just there, to be a day to take a step back and say that through all of the other 364 days a year I may be running at 100 MPH and forget to be thankful but today I am reminded that I can and should take a look at my life and find things to be thankful for – everyone can.  Yes, I believe everyone can, poor and rich, young and old, sick and healthy, it doesn’t matter – I believe that everyone has something that they can say thanks for.  That to me is what makes it such a great holiday.

Sure over the years the feast has become more important to some, the shopping has become more important to too many (retailers and shoppers alike) and there are those who ‘dread’ the day because they put themselves in the way of “family drama”.  But ultimately, stepping back, saying thanks and remembering all that we have is a good thing.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

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