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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Worlds Worst Blogger at it Again & New School Year Resolutions

Here I am – the worlds worst blogger at it again.

I realize of course that I should be updating things more frequently considering I started this blog just about a year ago and have had only 14 posts in that time.  What a crazy year it has been though. When I started the blog I never would have imagined that in just 12 short months so much would have changed in our lives. 

What I have come to discover about change is that while some people consider change to be a good thing, and other people consider change to be a bad thing, all that change really is – is constant. How you react to the inevitable changes in life will decide for you if the change was positive or negative to you personally.

It has been 8 months since my last update and sometimes I feel like no time has passed and other times like an entire lifetime has gone by. 

I have accomplished so little of what I set out to a year or so ago, and have instead done so incredibly much more in other ways that sometimes I wonder how I’ve gotten as much done as I have.  Especially with those helpers that I have around here.

The school year is starting again in a week, and for one final year all three of my girls will be in the same school – it is exciting but also brings on the list of things that I want to accomplish this year – much like last year, and a number of the same things are on the list. I think a new school year can be a lot like New Years since it can be a time for a reset of sorts.  Fresh notebooks, sharp pencils, new erasers – and of course cookies in the lunch box for a snack.

Rather than New Years Resolutions only happening on January 1st - I'm going to work on setting some New School Year Resolutions including, the usual exercise more, eat better, clean the clutter out of the house (that is a whole different post), write more in the blog, working more for EDGE, train the puppy (yes, there is a puppy now), manage money better, and so many more.  I'll keep updating the list as I go along.

Do you have any New School Year Resolutions?

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  1. What a great idea to have resolutions at the onset of a new school year! I know the first paper I have always had my high school students write at the beginning of the school year was "Three goals I want to accomplish within the next 365 days!" By actually taking the time to put your goals in writing and create a plan helps to bring those goals to fruition a little bit each day. It's the daily, little steps and choices that we make that help us get closer to accomplishing our long-term goals.

    How great that all three of your angels are at one school this year. My little brother has 4 beautiful children and they are each at totally different schools!! My sister-in-law is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs Ellie!